Remembered Something That Turned Out To Be Wrong? It might be the Mandela Effect.


Have you ever watched the news and later on remembered differently after watching it again? Have you ever remembered a famous line in a movie and later on found out that it was not what you thought the line was?

If your answer is yes, then you might be experiencing the Mandela Effect. So what is it? And who the heck is Mandela?


Nope… Morgan Freeman is not really Nelson Mandela. We’re just messing with you.

The term was actually named after the man himself, Nelson Mandela. He was South Africa’s first black President and had spent 27 years in prison for an attempt to overthrow the pro-apartheid government. Sadly, Mandela died at his home in 2013. But this was not what everyone remembered. A lot of people, around the world, back then was pretty certain that Mandela died inside the prison in the 1980’s. According to them, they saw it happen on a television broadcast with a live funeral. Now how is that possible? Crazy, I know.

There are possibly two ways to explain this. First one is False Memory, which is sort of like a psychological phenomenon where a person remembers something that really didn’t happen or exist. Second is Confabulation, which distorts or fabricates our memory unconsciously. That’s a bit boring for other people to accept so they came up with other theories.

The term Mandela Effect was dubbed in 2015 by Fiona Broome, an author, researcher and paranormal consultant. She has speculated that alternate realities exist and our bodies could be travelling among them during our sleep from time to time. We could be entering through black holes which are portals to other universes. Some also believe that there are time travelers who unconsciously change the course of history. Sort of like the Butterfly effect. Others think it’s another conspiracy theory.

While this might be a never ending debate, let’s take a look at the Mandela Effect in action. Trust me, your mind will be blown by what you’re about to learn.

Pokemon ™

Let’s start off with this cute electric Pokemon. Did you know that the tip of Pikachu’s tail is not actually black? It’s just pure yellow all this time.

KitKat by Nestlé

Now for the sweet truth. KitKat doesn’t have a dash (-) in it. 


A large number of people believe that Monopoly Man has a monocle. Well folks, he does not.

Rubik’s Cube®

It’s Rubik’s Cube. Not Rubix Cube.

Disney’s Mickey Mouse

Mickey mouse never had suspenders. Like ever, even in the old versions.

Looney Tunes

It’s actually Looney TUNES and not TOONS. Now that’s strange. Looney Toons makes a lot more sense don’t you think?

Froot Loops by Kellogg’s

This Kellogg’s cereal is actually spelled as FROOT Loops. Not FRUIT loops.

Sex And The City (1998 – 2004)

Would you believe that the once popular show Sex In The City is actually Sex And The City? This is really getting freaky.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

In the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Queen never said “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” It’s actually “Magic mirror on the wall.” Makes me question about my childhood.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

We saved the best for last. In the movie Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader didn’t actually say “Luke, I am your father.” It’s actually “No, I am your father.

Is it a conspiracy theory like others believe it is? Are we really travelling from universe to universe? Or is it just our brains playing tricks on us?

One thing is for certain, I’m pretty sure that the tip of Pikachu’s tail is black. Or maybe that was in another universe I was in when I was a kid. We’ll never truly know.

Have you had a Mandela Effect phenomenon yourself? Share your story and comment down below.

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Remembered Something That Turned Out To Be Wrong? It might be the Mandela Effect.

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